About Green Side Up

Over the years, before developing this company, I would run into many situations where one of my pest control customers would ask me if I serviced other aspects of property management including maintenance, irrigation, and always, sod replacement. At the time I would say no, or point the customer to a different company with which I had a rapport.

Many times I would run into situations where I was responsible for lawn care and after inspecting the lawn it would be an irrigation problem or a horticultural problem tied up with another company's inability to provide good service.

So then came the big question:

Why are there no companies available for a customer to call upon that can provide all these services at one time?

Green Side Up will provide a customer with the conveniences of a lawn fertilization service, a maintenance service, an irrigation service and a landscaping service all rolled into one company managing their property with the understanding ... it is all our responsibility.

Our customers will not find the irrigation guy blaming the maintenance company, the maintenance company blaming the lawn care company, then the lawn company blames the irrigation company.

The buck stops with us and we will fix it. This is big with our customers

Not only is the convenience factor key for the success of Green Side Up, but there is also our quality of service.

Green Side Up strives to provide the highest quality of service. Customers can count on a quick response time for their service requests. Customers can expect english-speaking employees so their requests are understood and their questions and concerns will be addressed immediately. Our employees are trained continuously to provide the best services. Green Side Up has over 20 years experience providing horticultural services.

"Make a Difference" is our motto and we strive for that everyday.


Free Estimates

We here at Green Side Up want you to have the best lawn you can have, so we always offer free estimates for all our services. If you would be so kind as to provide us with your contact information and the best time to call, we would be happy to schedule an appointment for your estimate.

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